Walla-Walla Card Game


It starts by putting all cards in a big square face down. Like 4 in the middle, then 12 around them etc. Start on the outmost ring, taking turns in order. On the outmost ring, red cards are keep and black cards are give. On the first ring, cards are worth 1x the amount of the card (2,5,10,J,A, etc.). If it's red, you drink that amount. If its black, you can give it away in any amounts to other players. After the first ring is gone, you move to the second ring. This ring, every card is 2x the amount listed (3X2=6, etc.). Red and black are still keep and give respectively. This progresses into the middle until you just have the middle square left and if you have been counting right, they are 4x the listed value.

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